Upcoming Events

🌊 The People’s Film Club and London-Irish ARC present: Vessel 🌊

Rebecca from Women on Waves with the Irish press

Join us on 10th of January at Genesis Cinema for VESSEL, the incredible story of the women who took to the sea to provide abortions for women from countries where their reproductive rights are criminalised. 
We’ll be joined by London-Irish Abortion Rights Campaign, discussing the journey to reproductive rights in the Republic of Ireland and #NowforNI.

All proceeds will go to the London-Irish Abortion Rights Campaign and to Women on Waves.

The People’s Film Club presents: NEVER CEDED ✨ 

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Join us on Sunday 27th of January for The People’s Film Club presents: NEVER CEDED, a celebration of Indigenous resistance in Australia.

The 26th of January is often referred to as ‘Australia Day’, marking the 1788 arrival of the first fleet of British ships at Port Jackson in New South Wales. Since this invasion, Indigenous people have been fighting and resisting colonisation. For Indigenous people, the 26th of January has come to symbolise invasion and loss, but also survival and resistance. Across Australia, Indigenous people lead protests on the 26th of January demanding change and an acknowledgement that their sovereignty was NEVER CEDED.

To mark Invasion day, we will be screening Warwick Thornton’s incredible film We Don’t Need A Map. This unique documentary explores the history of the Southern Cross constellation as a symbol of both Indigenous culture and racist nationalism in Australia. Join us from 6pm at Redon(Bethnal Green) for Indigenous music, zines, pizza & beers before the film.

Proceeds from this event will be split between two brilliant Indigenous campaigns – Grandmothers Against Removals and the Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners Council Council’s Defence of Country Fund ✊